About us

Set Mechanical specialize in providing top-tier mechanical contracting services for large scale constructions and institutions. With a proven track record of excellence, we bring expertise and reliability to every project we undertake.

Welcome to Set Mechanical: Elevating HVAC and Plumbing Solutions
Founded by a collective of seasoned professionals, Set Mechanical is your trusted partner in HVAC and plumbing contracting. With a team comprising experienced business owners, visionary developers, construction leaders, accomplished engineers, and licensed technicians, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project we undertake.
Meet Our Core Team:
Yufeng Wang - Founder & Chairman of the Board, P.Eng, PhD
Yufeng is the president of Set Mechanical Corporation, and also the CEO and President of Baydo Development Corporation. As the driving force behind Baydo Development Corporation, Yufeng Wang brings over 14 years of experience as a professional engineer in structural engineering. His extensive knowledge spans the entire spectrum of real estate, from inception and design to development and construction. With a Ph.D. and a proven track record, Yufeng leads with an unwavering commitment to excellence.
His remarkable ability to integrate all disciplines of construction subtrades and professionals to collaborate on projects is a testament to his success in real estate. Yufeng continuously brings new, high-quality projects to our doorstep, enriching our portfolio and driving innovation forward.
Xiaofeng Wang - Founder & CEO, M.Sc.
Xiaofeng Wang, a Mechanical Engineer in training nearing P.Eng certification, serves as Director and CEO at SetMechanical Corporation. Their diverse journey includes experience in excavator manufacturing and property management at Baydo Development Corp. With over a decade of expertise in IT operations, including software, hardware, network, and data security, Xiaofeng uniquely bridges technology and construction, providing a comprehensive understanding of real estate development.
Of particular note is Xiaofeng's proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and HVAC systems, showcased through their master's thesis. This expertise positions them as an exceptional plumbing and HVAC contracting expert, ready to lead Set Mechanical Corporation in delivering excellence in new construction projects. While IT plays a role, their primary focus now revolves around the transformative potential of BIM in the construction industry.
Leo Lin - Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Meet Leo Lin, our Chief Operating Officer, whose extensive background in plumbing, gas, and HVAC is complemented by his remarkable experience as a successful business owner in these fields. With over 14 years of hands-on experience and certifications in Gas A & B, Plumbing Red Seal, and Heat Pump systems, Leo's insights into the operational intricacies of the industry are invaluable.
Having owned and managed his HVAC and plumbing contracting business, Leo possesses an intimate understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities inherent in project delivery. This unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen positions him as a driving force behind our seamless operations. Leo's transition to the role of COO enhances Set Mechanical's capabilities, infusing our team with practical knowledge and strategic leadership that ensures project excellence from inception to completion.
Adrian Ng - HR & Project Manager
Meet Adrian NG, our adept HR & Project Manager, who brings over 12 years of experience in the plumbing and gas industries. Adrian's journey includes significant contributions to intricate and large-scale plumbing and HVAC construction projects. Holding certifications in Gas B, Plumbing Red Seal, and a deep dedication to quality, Adrian adds a robust technical dimension to our team.
Adrian's expertise extends beyond technical proficiency. As HR & Project Manager, he orchestrates collaboration among our skilled professionals, ensuring optimal team alignment for project success. His profound comprehension of the plumbing and HVAC landscape empowers him to meticulously plan, execute, and oversee projects from inception to fulfillment. Adrian's commitment to upholding industry standards and cultivating a harmonious team environment guarantees that Set Mechanical's projects are marked by excellence and flawless execution.
Mike Larson - Mechanical Engineer and Senior Consultant
Mike Larson, a mechanical engineer with a consultant's edge, brings a wealth of insights to our team. With a passion for innovative solutions, Mike's contributions ensure that every project is infused with cutting-edge expertise and industry best practices.
Expanding Our Team:
At Set Mechanical, we're on a trajectory of growth. We are excited to share that we are expanding our team with more crew leaders, licensed professionals, and experienced technicians. As we welcome new members, our commitment to delivering excellence remains unwavering. With each addition to our family, we strengthen our ability to take on projects of greater complexity and scope. This expansion reflects our dedication to being at the forefront of the HVAC and plumbing contracting industry.
Embarking on Exciting Projects:
We take immense pride in the projects that shape our portfolio. With 5-6 confirmed projects underway, our current endeavors range from mid-sized developments of 68 units to impressive 26-floor high-rises. These projects are a testament to our capabilities, as we navigate the spectrum of construction, from concept to completion. As we look ahead, we're thrilled to continue contributing to the transformation of British Columbia's skyline, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and innovation are at the heart of each venture.
Join us in our journey of crafting spaces that are not only functional but also environmentally conscious and future-ready. At Set Mechanical, we're setting new standards in mechanical contracting.